Employee benefits programs are a big part of attracting and retaining top talent. You’ve likely worked hard to develop a competitive package that meets your employees’ needs. But you may be undermining your hard work by not communicating effectively with your employees about their benefits.Meeting 1-on-1 to Discuss Benefits

In many companies the annual benefits review meeting is a time-honored tradition. Groups of employees attend with colleagues to listen to a speaker and prepare to enroll. But group benefits meetings come with some serious drawbacks. Not every employee attends, and those who do may not participate fully. Employees may be uncomfortable asking personal questions in a crowd. Also, the needs of each employee and his or her family are unique, and may not be addressed in a general presentation.

Successfully educating employees about benefits comes down to effective communication. With this in mind, many employers are moving away from group benefits meetings and offering one-on-one guidance instead. These programs help employees better understand their options, and ultimately make smarter benefits decisions.

One-on-one benefits counseling is easy to administer. Employees simply sign up for a time slot to discuss offerings with HR, and perhaps even with financial professionals. The employee and these experts go over specific issues about medical care, retirement, and other needs that can be met with voluntary benefits.

In these individual sessions, employees are also educated on important topics like saving for retirement, investment risks and rewards, and automatic investing.


One-on-one benefits counseling is an ongoing relationship. Professionals typically check in with employees throughout the year to see how they’re doing. This important piece of the program reminds employees that someone is available to answer questions down the line.

Effective communication with your employees about their benefits is essential. Health care costs are rising and benefits are becoming more consumer-driven. A one-on-one benefits guidance program might be just the answer to boost engagement, participation, and satisfaction at your organization. And this can pay off for employers with lower turnover costs and happier employees.

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