Today we’re going to talk about federal labor laws…and how they apply to you as a small- to medium-sized business owner. Did you know that if you have just a handful of employees, there are more than 15 federal labor laws that your company must comply with? Labor_Law_Penalties_by_Company_Size__Federal_Labor_Laws_

For example, companies with one or more employees must comply with such regulations as the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. Employers MUST collect:

  • Employee's identity
  • Employment eligibility

That’s right…with just a SINGLE employee you must complete and file an I-9 form for that individual.


Anywhere from 1-14 employees you need to adhere to...

  • OSHA standards (hazardous workplace conditions)
  • HIPPA statues (guaranteed health insurance portability)

With so many different laws, it can be confusing to figure out which ones apply to your company—particularly for a small business.

But we are here to help! We’re offering a FREE, downloadable chart to Federal Labor Laws By Company Size. This easy-to-understand compliance chart makes it simple to know which federal labor laws are relevant for your company. Even better, you can click on the links within the chart to learn more about each law.

After all…compliance is essential to your businesses success!

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