Before we discuss ways to improve your corporate culture, let’s summarize 5 components to consider in your compensation and benefits package:How to Hire Top Talent for Your Business - Part 2.jpeg

  1. Make sure your salaries are competitive in your marketplace
  2. Consider bonus or incentive programs
  3. Talk to your insurance broker about cost effective ways you can improve and enhance your health and life insurance benefits
  4. Offer a retirement plan like a 401(k) or Simple IRA
  5. Consider other types of perks and benefits, like a gym membership or free lunch Fridays

Ok, let's talk about how to leverage your corporate culture during the recruitment process. It is important for you, as the hiring manager or business owner, to take the time to evaluate your company in relation to your competition, in terms of work environment, corporate brand and work flexibility.


Establishing a few new policies and procedures can enhance your corporate culture and make your company a big draw for rising stars in your industry.

Consider the following steps when improving or building your company's image:

  • Your benefits, like flexible work arrangements, telecommuting, location and position to match candidates' individual needs
  • Training, including career-enhancing courses, certifications and a clear path to career growth
  • Your company brand should be positive, well known and recognized in the industry as successful.
  • Your corporate environment should be a friendly, organized workplace with a well-established corporate culture and values. In fact, much has been written to support the notion that happier employees are, ultimately, more productive AND profitable.
  • Finally, and of critical importance, your interview process should be straightforward, friendly and professional.

Remember, your candidates are also interviewing you and this is your best opportunity to impress them with the vision of who you are and how they'd fit in your organization.

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