It seems that recent college grads can put away their shades, because their future may not look so bright after least as far as job prospects go!

Why are businesses so reluctant to hire new graduates? Graduation_a

It turns out, many hiring managers are finding that college graduates don't possess the skills they need to become successful employees. Weakness in science, math and even spelling can show job candidates the door.

If you plan to hire a recent college grad, watch the video below to learn how to develop special training and mentoring programs. This can help to ensure your candidate is up to speed and boost his or her value to your company.

Start with...

  1. Training Needs Analysis 
    • Identify necessary training
    • Analyze employee’s current skills and those needed to perform the job
    • Plan for managing employee workloads

  2. Planning Your Training Program
    • Need mentoring?
    • Have capable employees for developing and delivering training program?
    • Need to hire professional?
    • Training program at work? Offsite?
    • Online options available?
    • Certifications involved?
    • Accredited or non-accredited training?
    • Financial assistance available for training?

For more tips on building successful recruiting strategies and onboarding new employees, be sure to check out our section on Recruitment and Hiring at!

To review other key HR tasks related to hiring, performance reviews, and disciplining, download our "Must-Do" HR Checklist, which is available for free.

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