The most important tasks in conducting job interviews are preparing questions and evaluating candidates' answers. However, there are other key things you can do to ensure a successful interview process. interview.jpg

First, create a comfortable environment for the candidate…

  • Conduct the interview in a neat, quiet area such as an office or conference room

  • Offer the candidate a beverage
  • Minimize distractions-- that means not taking or responding to calls, emails or texts

This small show of consideration presents you and your company in a positive light.


When you meet the candidate...

  • Have a friendly demeanor to put him or her at ease
  • Be careful about engaging in small talk which could lead to potentially discriminatory questions... asking a candidate where they were born, for example, should be avoided.
During the interview...
  • Show your attentiveness through nonverbal gestures such as smiling or nodding your head
  • Ask the candidate questions to help you evaluate his/her qualifications for the job
  • Be prepared to discuss responsibilities and functions of the job
Closing the interview...
  • Give the candidate an opportunity to ask final questions
  • Provide a timeframe for getting back in touch regarding next steps
  • Thank the candidate for his or her interest in the job and your company

A successful interview allows the employer to obtain as much information as possible about an applicant's potential to perform the duties of a particular position. Use our 'Sample Interview Guide' below as a starting point to help conduct effective interviews.

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