Recruiting, interviewing, and filling an empty job is a big task. As an HR pro or hiring manager, you've got a lot to do. But remember, you get only one chance to make a great first impression--and the job posting is often your very first contact with a potential employee. You need to represent the position, the responsibilities, the hiring process, and your company with the highest degree of accuracy and professionalism.

Before you begin, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Make certain you have an actual vacancy to fill, as opposed to just fishing for potential future candidates. As you proceed, observe all relevant nondiscrimination and equal employment opportunity laws. For example, you generally can't state that you want to hire a person of a specific gender or race. Also, be realistic and honest. Don't make promises you can't keep--it will reflect badly on you and your company, and may wind up serving as the basis for a lawsuit. For example, if you promote how you have very little turnover and most people stay with the company for many years, you may create a situation which could interfere with your rights under "employment at will" to terminate the employee.


Now let's take a look at five fast tips to make your job posting stand out.

1.    Make Your Title Talk
You have a tiny window of opportunity to keep someone's attention when he or she is viewing 10, 20, 30 or more job postings--and a well-developed title will make you stand out from the crowd and draw potential candidates. Build in critical information to the job title. For example, instead of saying the exact job title, JAVA developer, you can opt to be more descriptive with something like, "Senior JAVA Developer for High Growth Company in New York City." This gives the viewers a considerable amount of information built into the title and can motivate them to read further.

2.    Showcase Your Brand
It's essential to develop a company description and image that expresses who you are as an organization. This "brand" should also be featured in your job postings. Some of the major qualities that contribute to branding a company include whether you are specialists in a particular industry or service area, the size of your company, your location, and any awards or recognition you can briefly mention.

3.    Detail the Job Description
Include an overview of responsibilities; requirements for the position such as skills and experience, education, or special certifications; and whether the position is full- or part-time and where it is located. If you haven't developed a good working job description, consider using a job description builder such as the interactive app available online at

4.    Offer Clear Directions on How to Apply
Provide specific steps for applying to the job such as emailing a resume or calling a phone number. You may also want to link to your website recruitment section. Be explicit as to what the candidate should include, such as a resume, portfolio, a completed application form, or professional certifications.

Bonus Tip: If you're interested in a person who pays special attention to detail, include special instructions within your job posting to copy and paste a specific line, such as "Attention to detail is a very important part of the job." If the candidate includes this sentence when applying, you know they are paying attention to the details of the job posting.

5.    Proofread
And then when you've done it, do it again. And then ask a colleague to take a look. You don't want to issue a job posting with inaccurate information or spelling or grammatical errors--it won't reflect well on you or your company.

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