Did you know there are over 20 requirements that impact small employers under Health Care Reform? HR360's PPACA by Company Size Chart provides a simple way to review the key provisions affecting companies with 1 to 250+ employees.

Our easy-to-understand chart features:

  • Health Care Reform requirements based on number of employees
  • A brief explanation of each requirement with live links to more information
  • The year each provision takes effect

Even the smallest companies will experience a profound number of Health Care Reform changes, from elimination of annual limits to no preexisting condition exclusions in 2014.

Download our PPACA by Company Size Chart today to simplify and clarify the many different requirements that companies of all sizes should know about. Simply click on the image at the right to get started.


HR360 Helps You Stay on Top of Health Care Reform Requirements

Some of the biggest changes are yet to come under Health Care Reform—is your company on track with compliance? HR360's award-winning online HR library helps companies stay up-to-date on compliance with the summaries, timelines, checklists, and model notices available in our Health Care Reform section. Email us today at sales@hr360.com for trial access.


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