Health Care Reform requirements are changing all the time and HR360's Health Care Reform Toolkit can help you stay ahead of the curve with the most current guidance on key provisions affecting employers and group health care reform toolkit

Click to Download the 'Health Care Reform Toolkit'

Our must-have toolkit features bottom line, recently updated guidance on Health Care Reform requirements for 2013 and 2014, including:

  • 2013 Health Care Reform Checklist
    • Includes "Pay or Play" proposed rules and updated Exchange Notice deadlines
  • Top 5 Health Care Reform Notices
    • Includes new Model Exchange Notices and SBC template for 2014
  • 2014 Health Care Reform Preview
    • Includes proposed delay for SHOP employer choice requirements and final rules for wellness programs

HR360 Helps You Stay on Top of Health Care Reform Requirements

Some of the biggest changes are yet to come under Health Care Reform–is your company on track with compliance? HR360's award-winning online HR library helps companies stay up-to-date on compliance with the summaries, timelines, checklists, and forms available in our Health Care Reform section. Email us today at for trial access.


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