If recruiting employees were simple, it wouldn't be a valued expertise within the HR field. In fact, successful recruiting has evolved into a specialized discipline requiring smart planning and a number of key steps to get the job done. To effectively recruit employees at all levels, the following are tips, tasks and ground rules that can be easily adopted by any business owner or hiring manager.

Getting Started

As a starting point, employers must develop a systematic process that includes:

  • Performing a job analysis to identify the necessary skills, knowledgeTips for Recruitment Success and abilities for each position. 
  • Creating job descriptions and selection criteria based on the most current information available and modifying your descriptions when necessary.
  • Preparing a recruitment plan to promote job openings and attract candidates.
  • Implementing guidelines for interviewing and selecting the best candidates.

Tips for Recruitment Success

Before initiating your recruitment efforts, consider the possibility of accomplishing the work to be done without adding employees. Areas to examine include improving efficiency and allocating additional responsibilities to existing team members. Organize a planning meeting with relevant staff to determine the company's needs, timeline and any other recruitment issues, and examine whether your budget allows for adding an employee.


If hiring is your plan, proceed by:

  • Developing job criteria to help you in the selection process.
    • Try to stay within 6-8 criteria.
  • Structuring interview questions ahead of time.
    • Develop a set of questions and determine the best answers with specific scoring before the interview process begins.
  • Basing your evaluation of candidates on skills and job knowledge rather than personality.
    • In most cases, skills are the critical factors that consistently predict job success.
  • Taking care to avoid any discriminatory inquiries or statements during the recruitment and interviewing process.


Check out our Recruitment & Hiring section for more information to help guide you through the entire hiring and orientation process.


And don’t forget to download our FREE Federal Labor Laws by Company Size Guide, an excellent resource for understanding the laws that apply to your company based on the number of employees you have. 


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