With so many requirements under COBRA, it's easy to make a mistake that could result in costly penalties. HR360's How to Avoid the Top 10 COBRA Mistakes is a simple and easy-to-understand guide that can help protect your company—and it's available free for download below.


Click Here to Download "How to Avoid the Top 10 COBRA Mistakes"


Trying to comply with COBRA, from notice requirements to understanding qualifying events, can be an "accident waiting to happen" for so many companies. How to Avoid the Top 10 COBRA Mistakes includes practical guidance for preventing common COBRA mistakes, suchCOBRA compliance as:


  • Not recognizing that a qualifying event has occurred
  • Failing to send required notices
  • Miscalculating the period of COBRA coverage
  • Terminating COBRA coverage too early
  • Forgetting about state law


An employer maintaining a group health plan can be liable for a tax penalty of $100 per employee (or up to $200 per family) for each day of noncompliance with COBRA. Take this opportunity to learn from others' mistakes--instead of your own--by downloading our free guide today!

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