Stress in the workplace, whether triggered by significant workloads or pressing deadlines, can sidetrack employees and prevent them from doing their best. When workplace stress seems overwhelming, the following are some simple steps for reducing the pressure and increasing employee performance and productivity. 

How Managers Can Help Reduce Stress 

Consider these ideas to help lower the stress level among your team:  handling stress in the workplace

  • Step-Out Complicated Projects. Dividing a complex project into phases provides specific direction, helps maintain a calm environment, and motivates the team. Daily or weekly to-do lists can also help prioritize tasks. 
  • Communicate Regularly. Recognizing employee achievements can increase confidence, as well as reduce stress related to workloads. Employees may also be able to help identify new ways that they can contribute.  
  • Start Delegating. Allocating an important task to one or more employees, with solid planning and open communication, can reduce the overall stress for a manager. 

Tips for Reducing Stress Everyone Can Use 

The following are some simple tips everyone can use to reduce stress: 

  • Make Time for Meetings and Completing Tasks. Blocking out the time necessary to complete a task on your calendar is just as important as scheduling time for meetings. 
  • Avoid Setting Unrealistic Goals. Setting achievable goals with reasonable timelines helps your sense of accomplishment grow while your stress level declines. 
  • Schedule Time for Exercise. A regular exercise routine can help lower stress and recharge your batteries for the challenges ahead.  


Remember that laughter can be one of the best stress relievers of all. When things start to get too intense, it could be time for a little humor to lighten the load.  


For more tips on improving employee performance, check out our page on Motivating Employees. And be sure to download our "Must-Do" HR Checklist to help make HR compliance a little less stressful!


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