2012 has brought new benefits notice requirements for employers that sponsor group health plans, such as the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), piled on top of all the many existing requirements under COBRA...HIPAA...and Health Care Reform (just to name a few!). So how can your company stay ahead with benefits compliance?


Our team at HR360 created the '2012 Required Benefits Notices Checklist' to provide an easy way for companies to review key benefits notice requirements, along with links to downloadable model notices and agency guidelines. And, we've even included a heads-up as to which companies must comply. Simply click on the link below to download your free checklist.


>> Click Here to Download the 2012 Required Benefits Notices Checklist <<


The '2012 Required Benefits Notices Checklist' is only 2 pages long, but it packs a big punch! Your free checklist is a great benefits compliance tool and includes:benefits compliance model notices and checklist

  • Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)
  • Notice of Modification (required for material changes to health care plans)
  • SPDs and General Notices
  • COBRA Notices
  • HIPAA Notices
  • Special Health Care Notices
  • Health Care Reform (PPACA) Notices
  • Form 5500
  • Retirement Plan Notices


For additional easy-to-understand guidance on required notices for group health plans, check out two of our other free tools available for download, the Top 5 COBRA Notices and Top 5 Health Care Reform Notices!


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