A New Year means new requirements for employers and group health plans under Health Care Reform, and HR360's '2012 Health Care Reform Compliance Checklist' (available for download at the link below) is an easy way to review the key changes and requirements that could impact your company this year.2012 health care reform compliance checklist


Our '2012 Health Care Reform Compliance Checklist' is designed to help employers who sponsor group health plans review their plan's compliance with the major provisions of Health Care Reform that may affect their companies in 2012, including:

  • Maintaining Grandfather Status;
  • Restrictions on plan annual limits;
  • Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) Notice; and
  • Reporting of Employer Sponsored Health Plan Coverage on Form W-2.


Simply download the checklist by clicking on the link below and you're well on your way to staying compliant in 2012.


>> Click Here to Download '2012 Health Care Reform Compliance Checklist' <<


Health Care Reform gives employers plenty to be confused about—everything from the different benefits available to the variety of notices that must be distributed—and the requirements can vary depending on the plan year, grandfather status, and so much more. By downloading this informative checklist, you're making it so much easier for your company to keep current with Health Care Reform.


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