Did you know that even if you have a few employees, there are more than 15 federal labor laws that your company must comply with? HR360's Federal Labor Laws by Company Size Guide is a simple tool you can use to understand the laws that apply to your company based on the number of employees you have. federal labor laws by company size


Download Federal Labor Laws by Company Size Chart


With so many different laws, it can be confusing to figure out which ones apply to your company—particularly for a small business. Our easy-to-understand compliance chart makes it simple to know which federal labor laws are relevant for your company and you can click on the links provided in the chart to learn more about each law.

Stay on Top of Health Care Reform Requirements

Is your company on track for compliance with Health Care Reform? HR360's award-winning online HR library helps companies stay up-to-date with the summaries, timelines, checklists, and forms available in our Health Care Reform section. Email us today at sales@hr360.com for trial access.


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