A successful recruiting program is essential to attracting and selecting qualified candidates to join your company's workforce and positioning your business for growth. The key to successful recruiting of new employees is the development of a systematic process for developing job descriptions, generating a pool of qualified applicants, and selecting the right candidate.

Developing an Effective Recruiting Program 

The following are the significant steps involved in building a successful program for recruiting new employees.

Before Recruiting Process Begins 

  • Before recruiting, consider ways to improve efficiency and divide or allocate additional responsibilities among existing staff to accomplish the workload.
  • Organize a planning meeting with the hiring manager and/or relevant staff to determine needs, timing and other recruitment issues.
  • Decide whether your budget will allow for the hiring of a new employee to fill the position.

Recruitment Process Tips 

  • Perform a detailed job analysis to identify the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities for each position.
  • Create your job description and selection criteria based on the most current information available and modify these materials as necessary.
  • Design your recruitment plan in terms of promoting the job opening and generating a qualified pool of applicants.
  • Establish a process for interviewing candidates that will provide as much information as possible about an applicant's potential to perform the duties of the position.
  • Develop a process for selecting the best candidates.
  • Avoid any discriminatory inquiries or statements during the recruiting and interview process.

Additional guidelines and resources to help you build a successful recruitment and hiring strategy may be found in the HR360 Recruitment & Hiring  section.

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